September 15th, 2016



It is hard to believe that school has been in session for just over a month!  August and September have been busy, busy, busy! And maybe a little bit hot too… As a PTO board, what we have noticed most about this month is how fabulous our school is; from student, to parent, to teacher! 


Some of the incredible things that have happened so far are…

  • A great adjustment to a 7:40am start time!  Thanks for helping make sure your kiddo has a great start to the day by being on time and not disrupting class with tardies.
  • Lots of parent volunteers in the classrooms as mystery readers, helping photocopy, participating in class projects…
  • Teachers really engaging their kiddos using exciting and hands on learning opportunities.
  • Many of our PTO committees are hard at work – and we thank them for their tireless efforts! 
  • We are getting a full new AC system for the school in the next month! 

Most exciting right now is the upcoming Kingsley Derby!  We have a phenomenal group of parents who have put incredible effort into helping organize an exciting and critical fundraiser for our school. Unlike previous years where a company has run the event for us and taken over 50% of the proceeds, this year we keep all of the money raised for our school!


Here is the thing though…

We need YOU!  Information was sent home last week on the Derby but, as of today, only about 15% of our students have registered and are raising money for the Derby. 


We need everyone to help! 


The Kingsley Derby helps ensure that all of our children receive above andbeyond the DeKalb basics.  It will support our school’s STEAM initiative and a much needed “Field of Dreams” playground/play yard capital improvement project. 


We have the utmost confidence in our school and our ability to work together to make great things happen!  If every single one of our families supports this fundraiser, we can only be successful!  So, get online tonight or use the derby pledge paper to go ask friends and family members to support your student(s) in the Kingsley Derby.  Let’s make our STEAM initiative and Field of Dreams a reality!!! 


As always, thank you in advance for all you do to support your student(s) and our school.  We truly believe that it is each and every one of you that makes our school the incredible place it is. 



Erika Harris and Carrie Willard

Kingsley PTO Co-Presidents



End of the Year Letter | May 2016


Dear Kingsley Parents & Supporters, 

The Kingsley Charter Council would like to thank all of the parents and supporters of our school for the outstanding support we have received this year.  Many of you have generously offered your time and talent to the school to help support our children’s’ learning experience.  You also gave financially to help make more resources available and more events possible.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the numbers around how much you (and your families, friends and neighbors) have given and how it was used.  Note:  these are just round numbers, not an exact accounting.  Also, all of the expenses are not yet in, so we are currently under budget.

Major sources of funds: 
Charter Fund Donations (at registration):  $13,500
Boosterthon Fun Run:  $9,300
Spring Festival:  $4,700
Specials Activity Fees (Art, Music, PE): $2,700
Scholastic Book Fair:  $2,600
Royalty Programs (Spirit nights, Kroger, Publix Amazon, Office Depot):  $2,000
Activity Fees: $1,800
Night of the Arts: $1,500
Box Tops for Education: $600

Programs supported:
Teacher Stipends for in Classroom Resources:  $9,700
Media Center Resources (Books, digital cameras, AR Program,
book repair supplies, and Language Master listening centers):  $9,500
Facilities & Grounds improvements/maintenance:  $1,400
Necessities (Insurance, communications, forms, software):  $1,200
Teacher Appreciation & Recognition:  $1,100
Professional Development for Teachers:  $900
Hispanic Heritage Month:  $600
Student Recognition:  $600
Family Programs (VIP Breakfast, Potluck): $600

While this is a fine set of achievements, there is so much more we can do.  This year’s Charter Council is transitioning to next year’s PTO with some ambitious goals.

  • A fully stocked Leveled Reading Library:  A Leveled Reading Library provides enough copies of selected books for an entire class to read and work through the same book.  It includes books at all levels to meet the needs of all of our students.  This is a key resource that we have been lacking at our school and we are going to make it happen over the next year.

  • Improved playground facilitiesThe last update in this area was the addition of the volleyball court about 5 years ago.  Our playground is much too small for the number of students using it.  We are open to parent input on the kinds of additional facilities you would like to see.

How, you ask, are we going to achieve these goals? I am so glad you asked!

  • Better Fun Run, Better Fund Raiser:  A group of parents has volunteered to run the Fun Run next year without the help of Boosterthon, which is a paid fundraising organization.  While the Boosterthon team did a great job of motivating the kids, they were not cheap.  Of the nearly $24,000 collected last year, Kingsley only got to keep about $9,300. We think we can do much better for our school.  Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities as our plan comes together.  The ideas are flying and it should be a fun event for the kids as well as a successful fund raiser.

  • Grants:  The demographics at Kingsley should make us eligible for grant money from organizations that support education.  We will be forming a committee to seek out and apply for grants.  If you have any grant-writing experience, or would like to get some, this would be a great opportunity to get involved and have a big impact.

  • Push those royalty programs:  These are a great way to steer funds our way without costing you a dime.  If you have a Kroger Plus card, you can associate it with Kingsley and every time you buy groceries Kingsley gets a small percentage.  There are similar programs at Publix, Office Depot, Lands End and Amazon. (See the Fundraising page on the Kingsley web site:

  • Partner with local businesses and service organizations:  Do you own or work for a local business?  Do you know someone who does?  Are you a member of the Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions or other service organization?

  • You!  Your ideas, energy and, yes, hard work.

Thank you for a great year. 

The Kingsley Charter Council (2015-2016)


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