The top five reasons to volunteer this year at Kingsley are...


5) We increased volunteer pay 100% from it's starting pay of $0!!! Winking Smiley


4) Research shows that people who volunteer live longer.  Really, it's true!  


3) Build great relationships with parents and staff members at Kingsley Elementary.


2) You can capitalize on the few years left where your kid(s) won't pretend to not know you at school.


1) Be a direct contributor to the things that make Kingsley the amazing school that it is!


Bonus and Best Part... Be your kid(s) hero!  



Get Involved — Volunteer!

There are endless ways to volunteer at Kingsley Elementary, in school and at home.  

  • In the Classroom - Reach out to your room parent and ask how you can help or, better yet, be a room parent!
  • Chair or Co-Chair a Committee  - Take a look at our Committee Page and see if there is a committee in need of a chair to lead it to success.
  • Join a Committee - Visit the Committee Page and browse the many active and important committees at Kingsley Elementary.  Find one that looks interesting to you and send an email to the committee chair asking how you can help out.
  • Check this webpage to find links to new and exciting volunteer needs our school has for upcoming events and activities.



Upcoming Events