Kingsley  Annual Fund


The Kingsley Annual Fund drive is Kingsley Elementary's main fundraiser.

Instead of asking you and your family to sell wrapping paper, candy, and other goods, the Kingsley Elementary PTO asks for a one-time contribution from families, where our school will keep 100% of the proceeds donated.


The Kingsley Elementary PTO also sponsors other fundraising events such as the Kingsley Derby throughout the year.


Recommended donation levels are $80, $120, and $200
Any donation is appreciated.


A donation to the Kingsley Annual Fund is on a per family and not per student basis.

The Kingsley Annual Fund supports:

  • Teacher and staff holiday gifts 
  • Teacher end of year gifts 
  • $300 for every teacher to use in his/her [virtual or face-to-face] classroom
  • Money for [virtual] field trips
  • Campus beautification 
  • Facility improvements 
  • Community events like Drive-In Movie Night and Bingo Night 
  • Teacher trainings and luncheons



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I already pay school property taxes. Why should I contribute to the annual fund?

Annual fund donations are essential to deliver the high-quality programs and activities at Kingsley Elementary. Financial contributions by Kingsley parents and community members fill the educational gap caused by inadequate county funding. With the annual fund, we are able to over double how much money is available to spend on our school, each dollar of which directly and positively impacts our students. Simply put, county funds provide the bare necessities (think toilet paper and soap) and we provide the rest.

Is 100% participation by families important?

Yes. One hundred percent participation in Kingsley Annual Fund shows our commitment to the school, its teacher and staff, and our children. While donations differ in size, each donation has the same positive impact on participation.

How do I know how much to give?

There is no set rule as to exactly how much to give. We only ask that each family give the best donation they can to the Kingsley Annual Fund.  We can only accomplish this goal if everyone participates in this program. All contributions are kept confidential.


I can’t give very much. Should I still make a donation? 

Yes. All financial donations to the Annual Fund make a difference. We know that every family’s situation is unique and we appreciate you for participating as best as you can.

Who can donate to the Kingsley Annual Fund?

Anyone! Parents, grandparents, other family members, neighbors, friends, even your orthodontist who “owes you one” since you are paying them a small fortune for your child’s braces J


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. As of July 5th, 2016, Kingsley Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. has applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Our application is pending and within the next three months we will have our tax ID and non-profit status, which you may use for tax-filing purposes. Your donation will be fully tax-deductible as provided by law. No goods, gifts, or services of any value will be received in connection with this donation.




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