Carpool – 

  • Morning carpool is 7:00 - 7:35am. Students should be dropped off BY 7:35am so they can be in class on time. There is no supervision for students before 7am. Please avoid any cellphone use/texting while in the carpool lane. Please do not pass other cars. If at all possible, try to have children exit the right side of your car. When exiting the parking lot - please note that it is a RIGHT TURN ONLY. 
  • Afternoon carpool - please have large carpool numbers visible for a more efficient dismissal. 

Bus Riders - 

  • Please review appropriate behavior with your children and discuss the dangers of a distracted bus driver. Students in 2nd grade or younger must have a a parent (or other identified caregiver) at the bus stop to receive them. 

Student Check-out (before 1:45pm)

  • Come to front office to show picture identification and sign the chid out of school. The office will call the classroom for your child. Students will not be checked out of school after 1:45pm unless we were previously notified by phone or written notice to the teacher. 
  • Parent will not be permitted to go directly to the classrooms to get their children. 
  • Parents may NOT remove a student from a bus or a line of students waiting to board a bus. 

Arrival Time

  • Our instructional day is from 7:40am to 2:15pm. The school does not open until 7am. Students cannot arrive before then (except for safety patrols) and must be picked up by 2:45pm. There is no supervision for children outside of the school hours. Parent who walk with their children should say goodbye in the front hallway at the "Kiss and Walk" sign. If you need to speak with a teacher, please check in with the front office. All tardy students must report to the front office with a parent to receive a pass. 

Transportation Safety and Changes - 

  • WE have implemented an afternoon transportation card procedure for the students. Each student has a card that they give to the bus driver, carpool supervisor, etc. as they leave daily. This new system allows us to identify how every child goes home every single day and is more accountable in general. 
  • Please keep the means of transportation for your child consistent. It is difficult for the teachers to keep track when it changes frequently and a mistake is likely to occur. If you do need to change the transportation, we need a note sent to the teacher that morning. We cannot accept phone calls for security purpose and it is not definite that a teacher (or substitute) will receive an email. 

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